A MAD Experience!

MAD J’Ouvert


Drinks / Food

MAD Premium Liquor on two 40ft trailers (Lowboys) with premium quality service for each MADquerader by nuff MAD bar staff.

Premium Drinks Include:
• Scotch • Vodka • Rum • Beer • Energy Drinks • Coconut Water

A light breakfast/ Snack will be provided for each MADquerader on a mobile truck for your ease and convenience on the road.

DJ's / Trucks

We going MAD with the finest blend of local and foreign DJ’s on the circuit:

Hans & Gonzo (Diego Martians) • Assassin Singh • and more!

Two 40ft music trailers jamming while the two 40ft drinks trucks keep the good times flowing.

We promise that the duttiness cya dun with the endless amount of MAD mud, paint, powder & cocoa. This will be colorful MADness!!

Look out!! Newly added for your comfort … the MAD WEE WEE TRUCK!!



MIX Nutz Gone MAD!!
(Bajan Cheese on bread)

(Nuff Mud)

CIDI (Coco In D Ice) Gone MAD!!



Everything going MAD!!!

Each MADquerader unleashes their inside MADness … Join the MAD J’Ouvert crew, Paramin Fire breathers & JabJabs for a MAD J’Ouvert experience like you never had before.

The MAD atmosphere, MAD service and MAD music will create MAD MEMORIES to last a lifetime …

MAD Pre Jam to MAD After Jam … Hasley Crawford Stadium! WAIT Somebody call for the SOCA DROME??? MADness!!!


MAD times with MAD people in a MAD atmosphere! Pre Party from 2am in the National Stadium (HCS) then hit the roadways and revel within all the MUD, Cocoa, Powder & Paint.

Release yourself and everything that you consider MAD pon the road. We will return to the after party at 7am (HCS) to keep the MADness pumping!

Honnk Honnnk!!
Do I hear Junior Sammy?? Look out for the MAD water!!


MAD J’Ouvert 2024 Packages

$125 USD

REGISTER NOW to reserve your space, because trust in us …
everybody going MAD!




The MAD team takes security very serious and it is our #1 priority!!

Top notch security with MAD extraction units will be provided for your safety & comfort.

You and your MAD friends will have the peace of mind to really let the MAD times flow. We have security protecting every aspect of the band from start … to the STAGE … to finish.


Limited Secured Parking Available at Hasely Crawford Stadium

Details to follow in your MAD Masquerader Letter in your MAD baggie.